From a very early age, as a little girl, I knew I was different. I felt and saw things, visions would play in front of me.  I would experience other peoples' stories, in seconds. I knew they needed me to give them some kind of relief, to share what I was seeing, feeling and hearing. I felt this overwhelming desire to give people and animals compassion.  It was like  walking in others shoes.  Sometimes it was so painful trying to make everyone  feel, be cared for,  finding peace within. I did not truly understand what all this emotion was. As I grew older and experienced life, my abilities grew.  I felt more at ease allowing myself to seek further into the unknown, stumbling into books, guided to people who recognized my abilities as gifts.

I have had some amazing teachers in my life who nurtured my path, which is  an endless experience.

In the 1980’s I truly allowed the energy flow, on a conscious level, I began my work, filling it with Divine Light, spiritual awakening, truth to me and Integrity. The messages I received gave me insight. This has allowed me to give openly.  The path has been long, sometimes uncomfortable yet many beautiful and painful experiences had made me  who I know I am.  Though the years I have developed and tuned and fine tuned the tools which have been gifted to me. So I can share with others.

In this process I honor my abilities of Giving.  There are so many titles given to what a person is.  These are my heart titles which I honor.  I have the ability to feel vibrations, energy that is present in the air. It can be in the now or time that has passed.  In this vibration I am able to feel, see and hear, it may not be all at once.   I can  feel, see and hear your past, what is right in the moment and what is ahead. This energy that I receive is from a source that is full of light, which is Love, I am just a connection  to the higher you.  We are beings of light.  My Journey of Insight is a Blessed Gift.