Personal Readings

I am guided by the presence of the divine light, your spirit guides, angels and loved ones to assist in bringing you loving and healing messages for you to heal your path in love to accept and respect all things and all situations in life that are especially designed for your personal awakening. This gives you the freedom of internal peace, joy and happiness.

In person: $225 for 90 min

Phone/Skype: $175 for 90 min

Pet Readings

This is  done by working with your pet's vibrational energy physically, emotionally and mentally bringing balance and harmony. I also channel energy with your pets that have passed over. This does require a photo and can be done via phone reading for living or passed animals. 

Space Clearing & Blessings

I cleanse and balance a space by using tools indigenous to Native American traditions and ancient cultures to remove stagnant energy. During a ceremonial Blessing, I use a personalized ceremony to fill a space with positive energy and infinite abundance. During Space Enhancement, I connect and balance the flow of energy in the physical environment.
These techniques work for:
• Real estate deals
• Business deals and work places
• Home enhancement
• Land preparation and ceremonies

Starting at $210

Group Meditation

Includes vibrational group healing participation, individual healing and private mini-reading if desired.

Singing Crystal Bowl Healing

Creating sonic vibrations that help align chakras, balance, give insight, heal and bring peace & harmony to one's soul. Individual or group sessions. 


Weddings (ordained minister since 2002), parties, graduations, anniversaries, retreats. Terms to be discussed, please call for more information.

Spirits & Cold Cases

Help find their way home, release from this world or particular location. Please call for more information; I will provide 20 minutes consultation as a gift.