Hi Michelle. Billy Trapp , aka BT, here. We meet many years ago on an unplanned overnight at your B&B in Sun Valley. It was myself and another pilot actually. We had a very long and interesting conversation about somebody I lost. It was, to this day, one of the most memorable and remarkable experiences of my life. I wonder if you would have any interest in continuing that conversation/interaction from nearly a decade ago regarding my little brother and possibly one more…my father who has passed in similar fashion as my brother. I wonder if you will remember.

Yours truly, 



Hi Michelle. I’m quite sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve been so incredibly busy that I simply haven’t had the time. And to be quite honest…a little nervous too. You probably can’t recall this, but my brother told you I would marry a blonde. You also said my first born child would be a son. Guess what…he’s 17 months old and his mom has blonde hair. I wonder what else there is to know. I wonder if my brother is with our dad. I wonder if they know about my little boy. I wonder if they watch over us.

Meeting you all those years ago was a complete accident. Maybe someone somewhere intended on that accident happening. In which case…it wasn’t really an accident. Still, it was one of the most unforgettable nights of my life.

I want to talk with you, but I don’t really know where to begin the conversation. I’m in Raleigh, NC in a hotel room right now and it’s 2:54 in the morning. I was just about to fall asleep and as I began to slip away, I heard an odd noise, I saw an extremely bright light (almost like lighting…my eyes were closed), and I was INTENSELY startled. And for some reason, I immediately picked up this phone and started this email. What is that? Why?

Just so you don’t think I’m crazy, here’s a couple of pics that afford you an “I told you so”.

I wish my little brother could have known my son. I wish my father would have known his grandson. I often wonder if my son has encountered them. I’ve heard children are much more open to such things than adults.

I think I’ll try and call you tomorrow after my flight. I’m a little scared, but I feel like I must speak with you. It’s a gut feeling I’ve been having…if there’s such a thing.




I just got off the phone with my daughter who was gushing after meeting you tonight at her place of work…Cafe Capri.  She was so excited to tell me about it!  Thank you for your kind comments about her.  Shanyn has always been, since the day she was born…special.  I always referred to her as my angel.  She was anxious to tell me about her encounter with you because she knows that for years I’ve been searching for some direction with my own “special” gift.  I have always been intuitive but don’t quite know how to expand on it.  I have many many books on various subjects and recently stumbled on to angels…what a discovery!  So many things have happened to me in past years that now at age 57, I can’t discount them anymore.  I want to learn more.  I’ve never had a reading so maybe some time soon I could meet you and have one.

Thank you again for making Shanyn’s day….I look forward to meeting you sometime!

Jacque Taylor


I have known Michelle for some 15 or so years. I saw her for the first time on a local access tv show and immediately recognized her brilliance, as a medium and an EXCEPTIONALLY gifted healer. She has an amazing child like quality mixed with a very focused and lazer like perception that really defies description. Yes, I too have been to many gifted people in her realm of endeavor and without exception, I can say that Michelle Faktor stands alone as the Babe Ruth, Mohammed Ali, Bobby Fischer, Nikola Tesla, Earl Manigualt (The Goat Greatest unsung hero of basketball), Yasha Heifitz, Mozart, Beethoven, Etc that I have ever had the great honor and privilege of knowing. Lest you think That I am worshipful of Michelle, let me add that she is very human (which adds to her ability to relate to people) and is not without flaws Nevertheless, when she goes into trance (you probably won’t even realize it when she does) she takes on a completely different persona that can be likened to a surgeon who knows he has to persevere through a long, complicated, delicate operation to save the life of his patient. Before I write a book about Michelle, Let me conclude . . . Michelle will NOT disappoint anyone who seeks the truth, because, Michelle is all about the truth and only the truth so only seek her gifts with this in mind.

-Marc Arouh, Long Warrior of the Light


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